Why Choose Us?

Our Course Is Pretty Remarkable...

“Intellectual integrity goes beyond being clever - it requires that you put your ideas into the world”

– Seth Godin


The most focused course we know of. It’s not a little bit of marketing bolted on to a lot of business. It’s marketing, all the way through. 

In our first year, 5 out of 6 modules are marketing focused and the one that isn’t an out and out marketing module (business economics) is still pretty useful. 

In our second year, all 6 modules are marketing based and the same with the final year. If you want to be a marketer, better to study marketing right?

Bsc marketing management at Brighton university


It’s a professional marketing degree, designed by marketers for marketers. This course wants marketers to be marketers. 

We still do the other important stuff like finance and HR but we do it in a marketing context. We like the geekiness of the subject. And how many times can we mention ‘marketers’ in one paragraph? 

Did we tell you this is THE course for marketers?


Our brains are bursting with useful stuff: consumer psychology and behaviour, content, analytics, strategy, research, digital, leadership …. the list goes on.

And then we have options including communications, PR, international marketing, services marketing, e-commerce, innovation. By the end of it, there’s not much we can’t turn our hands to or at least demonstrate some knowledge and understanding of.

Except for dentistry ….. that one might be stretching it a bit far.


We get a chance to study for our CIM L6 Professional Diploma as part of the course. Not as something we can do when we graduate but as part of the course and supported by tutors who also teach and support professional CIM students. 

And the school pays our membership and assessment fees for this – bonus! We can also attend (free of charge) a number of CIM professional training seminars which is a great opportunity to start clocking up our professional CDP hours. Chartered Marketer?

Don’t mind if we do.


A marketing degree that we think can take us anywhere. The focus on our personal and professional development allows us to apply our skills and knowledge in a range of sectors, across a range of countries.

Embedded skills in finance, leadership, planning, research, measurement, trend watching, copywriting, creative development, digital, presenting, teamwork, legal knowledge, problem-solving…. we got this.

Finish the degree and don’t want to work in marketing? Disappointing, but not a worry. We have enough transferable knowledge to try most things …. maybe not medicine though.

Not sure we’re quite cut out for that…

bsc marketing brighton


Taught by people who are great teachers and also professional marketers. They know the theory, but more importantly, how to apply it. 

It’s like being taught by professional marketing consultants who have been there, seen it, done it and can give the insider info that we need to succeed. We’re sure they’ve tried to flog us a t-shirt too.


We’re doing stuff! Live client work, simulations, case studies, problem-solving, creating, working as marketing and agency teams, opportunities to undertake freelance projects and get new initiatives going, and developing our management and leadership skills. Feels more like a job than a degree sometimes.


We hit the ground running that bit quicker, moving from 1st year marketing principles to 2nd year planning and strategy (a final year module in most other places we know), and then finishing off with management and leadership. 

When we graduate, we will be looking to lead the marketing function rather than just work in it.


Trends and contemporary issues are our bag from day one, not just reserved for a module in our final year. 

When we do look ahead, it’s about futurism – not what is happening now or over the next 3-4 years, but what we think might be happening in 15-20 years from now. 

A pretty useful crystal ball to have when we are looking at careers that will probably / hopefully last us around 40 years.


We are learning for the long term.  It’s not just about the grades or what we do immediately after we graduate.  

It’s about our career development over a 10,15, 20, 30 period.  And we feel pretty well prepared for it. 

We have knowledge, confidence and transferability to see us through the disruptive times ahead and are ready to take it head-on. 

Bsc brighton university marketing
bsc marketing at brighton


This course is all about us.  It’s a marketing degree with a wealth of marketing knowledge and skills thrown in, but more importantly, it allows us to learn about us – what we are good at, not so good at, gives us room to try new stuff, explore areas of interest to us and make the mistakes we need to make so we can get better.  

Want to try a bit of freelancing? Go for it. 

Take a weeks interning at a top agency? Yep, no biggie.  

This course gives us confidence and the underpinning we need to develop our professional selves.

Like it

We genuinely like/love this course and what we are doing. 

It’s why we built this website (and to test some stuff too – all part of the learning).  

The location is cool, tutors are great (really easy to get on with and passionate about their subject), course content is interesting and we have a great group of people to study with.  

Not massive classes but not too few and the course team work hard to make sure everybody gets on.  We were welcomed with open arms and Kit-Kats, and are ready to do the same for you.