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FAQs about the Marketing Degree at the University of Brighton

faqs marketing degree university of brighton

How many hours a week of teaching are there?

It varies – the norm is around 12 hours per week of formal contact time (such as lectures, seminars etc).

This is then added to with meetings, tutorials, personal study, assessment work, occasional guest lectures etc but 12 is generally about where it’s at.

faqs marketing degree university of brighton

How is my work marked?

Tutors generally try to get your work back to you within 3-4 weeks of you submitting.

As a rule your module tutor marks your work but we think there have been occasions when the course leaders cat has done some marking (the paw prints gave it away). Mini Seth has also reviewed a few papers too.

faqs marketing degree university of brighton

Is there a dress code / what do you wear to class?

Formal ….. shirt, tie, blazers, black tie and ball gowns preferable.

Or do what most of us do and that is rock up in whatever looks clean that day. Jeans, leggings, trackkies, hoodies, t-shirts, trainers – whatever you are comfy in.

We are marketers though so some over the top branding is always good to see. There are occasions when we need to be a bit smarter (meeting clients) so make sure you have some smart jeans (no rips) and a decent top with you.

Nobody has turned up naked... yet... – some close maybe and we have bets on who could be the first. Tutors generally are smart casual and one has a thing for sketchers trainers.

faqs marketing degree university of brighton

Are you allowed to eat in the classroom?

Depends on who the tutor is and what you want to eat. Watch out for the course leader who will distract you and steal Haribo when you are not looking.

Generally we don't as it can be a bit distracting but I’m sure if you got some pizza in a late session and you had enough to share you could get away with it (maybe ask first if its ok).

faqs marketing degree university of brighton

what kinds of assessment are there?

A range of assessments including essays, reports, portfolios, presentations and group work.

There are a few exams but not many in the first year. A few more in the second year. It's a variety that tests a range of skills including our professional (rather than academic) skills e.g. live client work and writing for a business audience. We have had to do some content and blog writing, and create our own personal professional brand identities.

faqs marketing degree university of brighton

What are the tutors like?

Their generally a nice bunch to work with.
Great at bringing industry examples and their experience into the classroom and most are pretty passionate about their subjects.

They are honest with you which is cool – they tell us when it’s good and likewise when it isn’t which is appreciated. We feel like they really want us to do well and you can drop in and see them quite regularly which is handy.

Like with all places, there will be some you gel with more than others but that's human nature and we’re pretty sure they say the same thing about us.

faqs marketing degree university of brighton

What if halfway through the course I decide I don't like marketing?

Talk to the course leader – he’s good for chat through about you and what options you have.

Although it's a marketing degree there is loads that you can use in non marketing type jobs – there is a big focus on transferability and a few of us are thinking about doing a postgrad degree in law (we liked the marketing law module a lot).

It happens so its not a massive issue but we think the passion for the subject in this course is infectious so its probably not going to be a massive issue for you.

faqs marketing degree university of brighton

what happens if I fail a module?

Not the end of the world.

There is another opportunity during the summer to complete referral work. The pass mark is 40% and if you have more than one piece of work on a module the final result is calculated on both of those (so technically you can pass assessment 1 and fail assessment 2 and still pass the module overall depending on the weightings). The key thing is you get another crack at it.

faqs marketing degree university of brighton

How many modules can I fail?

No more than three (60 credits).

If you fail three modules you should get a referral opportunity over the summer but if you fail more than three modules you may have to leave the course. Trick here is not to fail.

faqs marketing degree university of brighton

Is attendance monitored / is there a compulsory attendance requirement?

The school generally expects a minimum of 75-80% attendance.

Some people are more, some are less, and likewise some tutors get more hung up about it than others. Tutors mention the relationship between attendance and marks quite a lot and we know some guys on the course where this is pretty true – at both the top and bottom end.

Why not attend though – we’re paying 9 grand for this and want to get our monies worth.