Dan Bennett's Reading List

Like the sound of what we do? A bit intrigued by our approach to marketing? Want to know where the ideas for this course came from and what you will be getting your head into?

The following list of sources are those we think will make an informed, useful and slightly interesting contribution to your personal and professional development over the next 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 years of your life.

We also think they will make your shelf at home look very pretty and encourage visitors to your house to make comments such as “oh my, aren’t you intelligent”, and “wow, have you really read all that”. To which you naturally and casually respond (with the appropriate amount of authority), “Yes!”

These are also sources that we use on a regular basis – some for information and insight into a particular topic, some for general inspiration and creative ideas. One or two are even quite useful to help pass assignments but we’re not telling which ones – you’ll have to make that judgement for yourself.

There are more bits of reading we recommend at various stages of the course but for the moment, have look over these, get thinking and see whether this is something that sparks your interest. We are always up for the conversation if there is something in here you want to chat over some more.

So, grab a couple, find some time over a tea and have a browse.

Happy reading.